Sunday, September 19, 2010

Not alot to say tonight. We watched a video from the Teaching Company tonight. My parents are still watching it when they're not cleaning up the kitchen. One of the artists we looked at was Claude Monet, the French Impressionist who gave the French Impressionists their name. My father just came upstairs. I hear a bird chirping. I forget the names of the other artists. One was American and he painted Niagara Falls. It's a beautiful painting. i completely forget the first artist I'll have to watch the video again tomorrow. The professor has chosen another Monet for the next video. Great! We had chicken for dinner tonight and tomorrow I'm going to be cooking spaghetti alla carbanara. That's a good recipe but sort of tricky because the recipe claims you have to let the pasta cook the egg. My dad's gone to bed to read awhile and I think I will too. Good night from the blogosphere!

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