Saturday, September 4, 2010

Not alot to say tonight. My mother is still in rehab. She only did one hour of physical therapy today. Tomorrow she gets a day off so she can just read her book. My dad borrowed my radio to listen to a football game but it didn't work. If I want some music I'll just have to use Real Player. He's listening to a football game right now. We had spinach pie for dinner. I'm about to take my medicine. We went to Wild Birds Unlimited to get some bird seed and suet. The birds will take a few days to find the suet but we'll get some carnivorous birds at the feeder. There's no news on a Saturday night although my Catholic email list was full of posts about Glenn Beck, the FOX News guy. I put some seed in my seed feeder and saw some field sparrows. I think they're field sparrows. I have a Catholic newspaper in my room that I'm going to read tonight after I get through with this post. The computer guy is coming to fix my father's Internet connection tomorrow so I'll have to go to the afternoon mass if I go to mass tomorrow. My dad is still listening to a football game on the radio downstairs. He says football is his favorite sport. Mine is figure skating and the figure skating season is about to start so I'll be watching some on NBC. He' still listening to the football game he gets alot of enjoyment out of football. Tomorrow I'm bringing the radio upstairs so I can listen to some music. Now I'm going to bed and read until my medicine kicks in. I also have the New York Times on my Kindle. Tomorrow we're getting the New York Times in print so I can read it then. Good night from the blogosphere!

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