Thursday, August 5, 2010

Tonight I watched a little of the Rachel Maddow show. She talked about a political candidate in Nevada who is anti-choice on abortion. I hear a bird chirping. We had Chinese food for dinner. My parents are at the bridge club. I think abortion is a necessary evil. Some people don't think it's murder. I don't want them to go to back-alley abortionists because they get killed and where's the virtue in that? Tonight's not going to be a long post because it's getting late. There's that bird again! It must be that little field sparrow that practically lives at my feeder. There's a heat advisory out today and tomorrow here I got it from Weatherbug. There's that bird again! Our dishwasher is still broken. I have a magazine and a book ready to go it's time to wrap up this post and read chapter 10 in my book and take my medicine and call it a night. Good night from the blogosphere! It's screensaver time! The book is "A Mosque in Munich" and it's really good there's a storm outside.

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