Sunday, August 29, 2010

Not alot to say tonight. My mother's still in the hospital. I hear a bird chirping. My dad just came home from visiting her. I just finished doing my fingernails and now I don't have any fingernails. We watched Lecture 13 from the Teaching Company about some artists, one was Watteau, one was named Lorrain, and I forget the third artist. All of the lectures in this course have two or three artists in them. I saw many birds today. I drank four cups of coffee this morning while I read a little of the New York Times and watched birds. My dad is watching some news show on TV now that he's come home from visiting my mother in the hospital. Later on I'm going to be reading the New York Times in bed as soon as I take my medicine. Other artists in this course are Rembrandt and we haven't gotten to van Gogh yet but I'm really looking forward to seeing his picture that the professor has chosen. I've never heard of some of the artists he's chosen! Another artist was Vermeer. My favorite artist is Eugene Delacroix. My mother has a book about him and his most famous picture is "Liberty Leading the People". I had some salmon and a salad for dinner, Greek food. It was good. I'll have to research lettuce and see what vitamins and minerals it has in it. I love lettuce! My mother is going into rehab tomorrow or maybe the next day she wants to come home and get some stuff before she goes in. Good night from the blogoshere, I've said more than I meant to. I'm about to go to bed and clean up my inbox and go to bed and read until my medicine kicks in. Anyway, Delacroix is also in this course from the Teaching Company and I can't wait to see what picture of his the professor has chosen. Now a dog is barking. Maybe he's barking at the TV! It's dark now and the birds have all gone to sleep so I'm going to. I just took my medicine my dad is home and probably going to bed soon and reading on his Kindle just like I do. Good night from the blogosphere!

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