Saturday, August 28, 2010

Not alot to say tonight. My mother's still in the hospital. She's going to do two weeks of rehab so she won't be home anytime soon. There aren't any good news shows on TV on Saturday night. I hear a bird chirping. We had hot dogs for dinner and I drank a glass of milk. We also had cake with whipped cream. My dad is home from visiting my mother at the hospital. I hate it that my mother's in the hospital. There's that bird again! It must be that little field sparrow that practically lives at my feeder. I saw many hummingbirds today. I just took my medicine. I'll have to go to the store tomorrow and get some more Cokes. I didn't watch a lecture tonight so I think I'll go to bed and turn on my screensaver and read until my medicine kicks in. There's that bird again or I think it's an airplane. The light in the hall is on. I love birds! Now the crickets are singing like they do on every summer night. Tomorrow's a church day for me so I think I'll wrap up this post and go to bed. Good night from the blogosphere! Now I hear a car driving around on the street down the way but it's nice and quiet for reading. That's enough blogging for tonight, good night from the blogosphere!

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