Monday, August 30, 2010

Not much to say tonight. I watched about a half hour of the Rachel Maddow show. I'm about to take my medicine. We watched lecture 14 of the video from the Teaching Company about art. I don't remember what Rachel talked about tonight. My dad is home from the hospital. My mother is still in the hospital. One of the artists we saw on the Teaching Comapny video was Gainsborough. Rachel told some stories that are really hard to remember. I forget who the other artists were. I drank four cups of coffee this morning. I drank milk for dinner and had fried chicken and a salad. I still haven't researched lettuce but I really should. I also had some grits and whipped butter. I'm about to have a sneezing attack! But I'm only supposed to take one allergy pill a day. I had a really strong drink of Turkish tea for lunch and some cottage cheese as well, I had to hurry up and go visit my mother in the hospital. My dad is watching some news show on TV. I just took my night pills and drank a little Coke I feel a little sick from diarrhea so I think I'll stop blogging. I saw many birds today I usually say something about birds in my post I saw many of them today. Tomorrow I'll check my feeder and see if there is seed in them so we can watch the birds tomorrow and the next day. I don't think I lack for calcium because I eat so many dairy products. I'm sure lettuce has alot of vitamins and minerals in it. But I don't know anything about nurition. I'm almost through beading my Pakistani blouse. Good night from the blogosphere!

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