Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Not alot to say tonight. My mother is going to bed and I'm going soon. I fixed my sewing basket for tomorrow's art class. There's a bird chirping outside. I saw many hummingbirds today. Some females were having a fight over the feeder. There's that bird again! I'm about to take my medicine. There's that bird again! We had steak and spinach for supper. My dad is going to bed everything is nice and quiet. We watched a video from the Teaching Company about El Greco and two other artists. I just took my night pills. I didn't catch the news about the primaries today. I might check the news on the Internet to see who won. A car just drove by on the street next to us. There's that bird again! Pretty soon it's going to be screensaver time. I just stopped to open a Coke and my screensaver came on. I went to the framing store with my mother to get a picture framed. There's that bird again! It's a crazy night bird. I'll check my local paper tomorrow to see who won the races in those primaries they held in Arizona and the other states. Good night from the blogosphere!

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