Monday, August 23, 2010

Again, not alot to say tonight. I had fried chicken for dinner. We watched another video from the Teaching Company. I saw many hummingbirds today. I beaded another flower on my Pakistani blouse and I'm almost through with it. The issue of the Muslim mosque in New York is a big issue. I'm sure the New York Times has an article about it. I'll be reading that later on when I go to bed. There are primaries in many states tomorrow I forget which ones. One is Arizona. A bird is chirping outside it must be that little field sparrow that practically lives at my feeder. I'm sitting here looking at the crystal AB on my blouse it's shining like the sun. I drank a glass of milk and ate a salad made out of Romaine lettuce instead of my usual iceberg. I just took my medicine and now I'm going to bed now and read. Good night from the blogosphere! There's that bird again! Someone is washing the dishes but now it's time to go to bed and read the New York Times until the medicine kicks in. Someone posted a note on my Catholic email list about the World Trade Center mosque meeting the nuns who set up their convent at Auschwitz. I just took my medicine with some Coke and now it's time to wrap up this post and go to bed. It's screensaver time!

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