Saturday, August 21, 2010

Not alot to say tonight. We watched another video from the Teaching Company. I'm about to go to bed and read a few articles in the New York Times. I joined another bird group called Ducks Unlimited. I just took a swallow of Coke. My dad has gone to bed and my mother is watching a news broadcast on CNN. The artists we watched on the Teaching Company were Leonardo, Raphael and a guy named Corregio, an Italian whose work I'm not that familiar with. There's not alot of news on Saturday night "Lockup" is on MSNBC. The professor on the course is really good. We like him very much!I saw a Muslim woman on CNN who is suing Disney because she wants to wear a headscarf. I'm almost through with my Pakistani blouse I finished beading another flower and then I can wear it. I just took my medicine and now I can go to bed and read. I hear a bird chirping away it must be that little field sparrow who practically lives at my feeder. Saturday isn't a good night for television watching except if you watch CNN obsessively like my mother does. But it's quiet now and she may have turned off the TV and gone to bed just like my father has. I'm not sure I spelled the artists name right like I said I'm not really that familiar with his work. I think it's Corregio. Heck, I don't know I don't think the way an artist spells his name is that important it's the pictures that he or she does that is important. Good night from the blogosphere!

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