Friday, August 20, 2010

Not alot to say tonight. We went to my sister's dance performance in a show called the Improv Festival. She is a modern dancer. There's a bird chirping outside. She's leaving for New York City tomorrow. It's dark outside and getting late. My parents are watching something on TV. It's almost time to take my medicine and go to bed and read a little of the New York Times while I wait for the medicine to kick in. I just took my night pill. We had to eat dinner quickly to get ready for the dance performance. It honored Laura Knox who taught my sister dance and taught me Tai Chi. There is a bird chirping outside and a car somewhere around here. We just got home from the dance performance. Tomorrow I'll go downstairs and get my Zyprexa for the next week. Good night from the blogosphere! My dad has gone to bed and I'm going to read a few articles in the New York Times until the medicine kicks in.

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