Monday, August 2, 2010

I'm sitting here listening to classic hits on a local radio station called the Eagle. I was listening to NPR but it's all talk so I switched the station. They were playing the Electric Light Orchestra and Blondie. Now they're playing Phil Collins. I didn't get any beading done today but there's always tomorrow. Once I clean up my emails I'm going to read my book, "A Mosque in Munich" and finish chapter 7. Someone said that the local NPR affiliate is run by a right wing Republican. We're screwed with the local radio stations in Birmingham. Unfortunately there's a commercial on the radio now. Now the music is on again. "Mony mony" by Tommy James. The station I'm listening to played the rock, not NPR. We had a good station but it went under because it wasn't making any money. NPR repeated the Diane Reims show at night and I hate talk radio. They had a Facebook campaign to try to save the radio station and it didn't work. Now they're playing Golden Eearing's "Twilight Zone". We had shish kabob for supper it was good I didn't see any birds tonight. It's raining here. Some of the songs on this station are good and some of the songs aren't so good. It's about screensaver time. I've blogged enough I think I'll wrap up this post and call it a night. Good night from the blogosphere!

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