Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I hear a bird chirping. My parents are about to watch a movie. There's that bird again!I think my dad has gone to bed he has a doctor's appointment tomorrow morning. We talked about the radio station situation in Birmingham. We're screwed here as far as radio stations are concerned but I found a good radio station. Magic Carpet ride is on. Last night I heard the Beatles and U2. Now the Romantics are on.The song is "That's What I Like About You." Unfortunately a commercial is on the radio right now it will be about five minutes long then the music will start. Now Aerosmith is on. I'm really tired so I'm going to wrap up this post and drink my Coke and read my book, I have to start Chapter 8 in "A Mosque in Munich" but I'll take my medicine first. I also heard the Stones on this station last night. I got alot of beading done on my Pakistani blouse today the beads are shining like the stars. Good night from the blogosphere! It's raining here or it was earlier now it's clear. Now some old blues song is on. I've done enough blogging for one night, good night from the bblogosphere! Now "Satisfaction" by the Stones is on. That's an old one it was one of their first hits.


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