Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Tonight I watched Rachel Maddow.She talked about the Tea Party people and conservative Web sites, I just threaded two needles for my beading. I just turned off the radio because my parents don't like heavy metal and it was on.I'm having trouble with my posts tonight. I just got knocked off this page and had to start over this blogging service is kind of quirky. I hear a bird chirping my sister is coming home Sunday night and someone's going to pick her up at the airport. Earlier a band called Quarterflash was on. I drink Turkish tea for lunch every day and drink milk for supper it's my favorite drink. Some wierd screen just came up on my computer and I closed it. I drank four cups of coffee for breakfast I have a thing about coffee. I'm looking at my blouse it's shining like stars in the night. Beading is really hard and these needles are really hard to thread. I hear a bird chirping I think it's that little field sparrow that practically lives at that feeder. It's late good night from the blogosphere! I just got another wierd screen on my computer but I closed it now it's time to end this post and read an article or two in the New York Times I'm so glad I found this post. Good night from the blogosphere! There's that bird, chirping away again. I'm really tired and everybody else is going to bed so I will too.Sometimes this service gives me the HTML signal which I don't really need.

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