Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Tonight I watched the Rachel Maddow show. She had someone talking about unemployment benefits. I have my Kindle out ready to use when I'm through with this post. I have a little bit of Coke here to take my medicine with. The Senate passed unemployment benefits today. I have to get some more Coke tomorrow for my medicine tomorrow. I just found my bird books and my skating magazine. I'm almost through with my Pakistani blouse the aurora borealis beads are shining like stars in the sky. I hear a bird chirping away. I have a bird screensaver from the Audubon Society magazine. It just started when I was away from the computer looking for something. I hear a dog barking. I just took my medicine. My mother is watching a news program she usually watches CNN but I watch MSNBC. Pretty soon I'll be getting a check from the art studio then I'll have some money in the bank. I drank some milk for supper tonight it's my favorite drink. There's that bird again! There's a bird always at my feeder I think it's a field sparrow. It's time to wrap up this post good night from the blogosphere!

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