Monday, July 19, 2010

Tonight I watched the Rachel Maddow show. It sounds like it's raining. Rachel talked about the Tea Party movement I've been taken off of this page twice and redirected to Facebook. Pretty soon I'm going to take my medicine and go to bed so this isn't going to be a long post I'm really tired I was up until four this morning having issues with screensavers. I cleaned up my room today it took me all day and I'm still not finished. BP was in the news again there is no oil gushing into the Gulf of Mexico and that's good news. I hear a bird chirping. My mother saw a huge blue bird today she said it was a blue jay we don't have many Eastern bluebirds here in Birmingham. That it from the blogosphere tonight. I'm about to drink my Coke and go to bed so good night from the blogosphere!

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