Friday, July 16, 2010

Tonight I watched the Rachel Maddow show, she showed footage of her trip to Afghanistan including a visit to a market. She looked like Michael Dukakis in that helmet. This morning I put some suet in my suet feeder but the birds haven't found it it takes them awhile for them to find the suet. I hear a siren and the birds are chirping away and the crickets are chirping. I stayed awake until four this morning trying to download a bird screensaver and having issues with Yahoo which I call Yahell because I have alot of problems with them. We had soup and cornbread and salad for dinner and I drank milk while my parents drank red wine. Later on I'm going to read some of the New York Times before I go to bed. There's that bird chirping again! Rachel showed some big houses in Kabul that are owned by government officials but they don't live in them. I think that bird is a field sparrow it's a small brown bird with a sweet song. I just took my medicine and now it's getting late I'm almost through drinking this Coke that I took my medicine with now my parents are going to bed and I'm going pretty soon my Kindle is on my bed for some bedtime reading. I have to get my sewing basket off of my bed so I can get in it.There's that bird again. It's a late bird maybe it's having a bedtime snack. I think it's a field sparrow. Rachel also talked to some military leaders in Afghanistan now it's time to wrap up this post and go to bed. Good night from the blogosphere! My bird screensaver just came on because I didn't do anything on the computer for two minutes. It's sreensaver time. I think the birds are circling overhead. Gosh, I'm tired!

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