Thursday, July 15, 2010

Tonight I watched the Rachel Maddow show. She talked about our losing political candidates here in Alabama. One was Tim James. They stopped the oil in the Gulf of Mexico. My parents have gone to bridge club. Rachel had Richard Holbrooke on her show the last of the interview. Pretty soon it will be time for my screensaver i think I'll test it and wait for two minutes until it starts again. I may have to download it again. I love that screensaver! It's not coming on I may have to download it again. I hear a bird chirping. My screensaver isn't coming on so I think I'll download it again. She also showed the last of her trip to Afghanistan. I think I'll fix this screensaver situation I want my birds back. I hear a plane going overhead but otherwise it's quiet and peaceful I think I'll fix this screensaver sitation. I put some suet in my birdfeeder this morning. The birds haven't found it yet it takes them awhile to find a new feeder. I scared the birds when I went out and put the suet out. I think I'll end this post and download the screensaver again.

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