Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Tonight I watched the Rachel Maddow show. She had a Senator from Ohio on talking about the deficit on it. I beaded all the way through the show and am almost through with the flower on my Pakistani blouse. BP was on the news again. I hear a bird chirping away but it's late for a bird to be chirping. I saw a bird eating from my feeder this afternoon. I put some seed in the feeder this morning when it was really hot. I'll be through with the beading soon some of the crystals are loose and I'm going to have to stitch through and make sure the beads are tight on the blouse. There is a car coming up the way in the back of the house I see it now. I deleted some programs from my computer today. Today is Bastille Day in France. At one point Rachel had what looked like a chalkboard and gave a lecture on the deficit. We are having an art show Sunday in downtown Birmingham and Audubon should come and look at my bird pictures that are going to be on sale there. There's that bird again! I have some needles here on my desk. I'll be watching Rachel again tomorrow night maybe I can finish the beading tomorrow night I know I can get something done. I'll check the news on the Yahoo page tonight it's getting late good night from the blogosphere!

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