Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I got a report that Robert Bentley has beaten Byrne in the Republican race for governor. The Associated Press, Yahoo and the local NBC affiliate are all reporting on the governor's race. This is good. I watched the Rachel Maddow show tonight and she interviewed Richard Holbrooke. I didn't vote because I'm not a Republican and there weren't any Democratic candidates running for governor. It was just a run-off not a regular primary election that was on June 1. Now I just hope that Ron Sparks can pull it off in November. We had soup and vegetables for supper because we all had big lunches. My mother has gone to bed and my dad is playing with the computer. I hear some music coming in from somewhere maybe it's an election party. I hear a bird chirping. My sewing basket is on my bed I'm going to take it off so I can get in it. The big election is in November. Today wasn't a big election I'm going to read the New York Times to read Michelle Obama's speech in Louisiana that she made to the place where the oil spill is. I'm almost through with the beading of my Pakistani blouse I beaded while I was watching Rachel. I guess the Bentley people are celebrating now it's time to end this post and maybe look on the Yahoo site for the news and see if anyone has posted the results maybe they have. I drank my Coke and took my medicine now it's time to end this post and go to bed. I feel like a heretic for not voting but there wasn't a Democratic candidate for governor. I think the next governor is going to be Bentley. Good night from the blogosphere!

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