Thursday, July 29, 2010

Tonight I watched the Rachel Maddow show, she had someone filling in for her, he talked about the ethics probe into one New York Congressman and how nobody really trusts Congress these days. My parents are having the bridge club at our house tonight they are having dessert now, we had dessert too, peach with cream. I drank milk with supper. I hear a bird chirping. I'll check the Yahoo site for some news. I have a new bird magazine called Wild Bird. I read an article in it about birding in cities which is very useful for me because I live in a city. I'm almost through with my Pakistani blouse and the beading on them I got some beads from today. I got some mail from the National Organization for Women asking me to renew my membership. I threw it away. I can't be a member of every political organization that has good ideas. I'm going to wrap up this post good night from the blogosphere. I hear a bird chirping. My allergies are giving me a hard time even through I took some allergy pills this morning. There's that bird again it must be that little field sparrow that practically lives at my feeder I love birds! I have about a thousand bird magazines in here I think I'll go read them and my book about the mosque in Munich.

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