Friday, July 30, 2010

I'm sitting here listening to Alabama Public radio. Earlier I heard the World from the BBC. Some people were killed in Afghanistan and Pakistan in some monsoons. I didn't get any beading done today but there's always tomorrow. The show on Alabama public radio is called All Things acoustic. I'm going to be looking for a lamp tomorrow, the lamp in here is really anemic. Chelsea Clinton has been in the news lately, all the talk about her wedding and the cost. I like the public radio station because it has news and no commercials. Now there's a really pretty song on the radio in a foreign language. There's a heat advisory out for tomorrow and Sunday. I missed the seven o'clock news because we were eatng. I went to the drugstore to get a birthday card for my little neighbor, Eve Socolof. We had veal for supper and I'm getting really tired so I'm going to read some of my book and listen to the rest of this show and then clean up my emails and my dad has gone to bed so I think I will too. It's screensaver time!

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