Saturday, July 31, 2010

Not alot to say tonight. I didn't see any birds while we were eating our veal. Now my parents are watching a movie. There's never any news on Saturday night and my dad is listening to some strange music. I got some rubbing alcohol on Eve's birthday card but I cleaned it up. Later on I'll be reading my book, "A Mosque in Munich". This rubbing alcohol made a mess in my room so I cleaned it up and got all of the thread out of the room. I have a new lamp in my room the other light was really anemic so it's nice to have a new light in here. I hear a bird chirping. My mother was watching some news from the Gulf on CNN before supper it was Don Lemon. There's that bird again! I'll go to the store to get some Coke tomorrow or get some from my parents. I'll check the top stories from the Yahoo website before I go to bed and check my Catholic list they are always sending out interesting news stories to me. Eve is turning five on August 4 or 5 I forget the day she was born. I really hate not getting more news but there's not alot on a Saturday night. I have connections from CNN and the BBC on my computer it's just about time for my bird screensaver. Good night from the blogosphere! We listen to the music from Rocky every night at supper my mother says it's a toy. It's a Father's Day card. There's that bird again! It's screensaver time!

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