Sunday, July 4, 2010

Tonight I watched the fireworks. We had ribs for lunch and my parents went to a friends and watched the fireworks with them. I also had ribs for dinner as well as a salad, early on so I wouldn't miss the fireworks show from New York. The fireworks show is over here. People are still showing fireworks but it's not the official show that they had in Birmingham tonight! I hear a bird chirping but it's really late for a bird to be chirping. I saw a bird eating off of my bird feeder when I was eating dinner. I got a message from the President about military families and saw military families on the Macy's fireworks show from New York. The fireworks are still on but I thought they were off when the fireworks stopped for a moment and I didn't see them and now everyone is home I think my dad is playing cards. I think I am going to check the news on Yahoo tonight before I go to bed I'll bet the oil spill is in the news again I read the Birmingham news about our art studio when I was eating. I watched Rafael Nadal win Wimbledon this morning so I watched plenty of TV today. Now everyone is in bed and I will be soon.

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