Saturday, July 3, 2010

I'm sitting here reading the New York Times. I watched the Wimbledon women's final this morning. I'm going to get my dad to tape the men's final for me tomorrow. My mother was watching CNN this morning when I got up. There is an article in the paper about the economy. The unemployment rate is 16.5%! My parents are watching a movie, Julius Caesar. We're getting out of Iraq next month and that's when BP is going to stop the leak. Mosul is the most dangerous city in Iraq, according to the paper. I checked the bank and I got my check so now I have money in the bank. I'm about halfway through beading my blouse. These aurora borealis beads are so pretty I'm sitting here looking at them. I finished "Birdwatcher" now I'll have to download another book or maybe read one I already have. They are talking in the paper about improvised explosive devices which is the military term for homemade bombs. We had chicken for dinner tonight and tomorrow we are having ribs and watching the fireworks show from New York and also the show we are having in Birmingham. I took my medicine and now it's time to drink my Coke and end this post. The Vice President is spending the Fourth of July in Iraq. The President is at Senator Byrds funeral in West Virginia. I just got out a beaded muslim blouse out I think I'll wear it to church tomorrow. Good night from the blogosphere!

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