Monday, July 5, 2010

I'm sitting here reading the New York Times. There is an article in the paper about Al-Qaeda in Pakistan. I'm getting through with my beading project but I still have alot of flowers on this Pakistani blouse to go. I have two flowers on the shirt of the blouse and the sleeves then I'll be finished with it. I just took my night pills then I'll read some more of the paper. I just brought one of my Catholic newspapers up from the breakfast room where I started it. The article in the paper is about the fighting in North Waziristan and the Taliban fighters in Afghanistan. I just checked the news on and the oil spill is in the news. My parents are watching a movie, "Julius Caesar". I loaned my mother my latest copy of the National Catholic Reporter and she's not through with it. I finished "Birdwatcher" the other night now I have about a million bird books in here the birds have all gone to sleep and I will be going soon. I hear a bird chirping some birds stay up all night last night I watched the fireworks. Brown pelicans are dying in Louisiana and they're Louisiana's state bird! Now the bird has gone to sleep they are circling overhead in the sky and singing their babies to sleep. BP should be ashamed of themselves for being such rotten polluters! We had pork for dinner tonight where I started reading "One Voice" the local Catholic newspaper. I'll have to start bringing up glasses of orange juice to my room from the breakfast room to take my pills with. Good night from the blogosphere! Tomorrow I'll let the birds wake me up! I have an Audubon field guide to the birds of the Eastern United States and Canada so I have plenty of bird resources. I have a doctors appointment Thursday. My dad has one tomorrow so I won't go to art class tomorrow. Now my dad is in his computer room I think he's playing cards or maybe checking his email. My mother is still watching the movie but I think she's just about through, it's screensaver time with my screensaver from Audubon magazine it's a really cool screensaver even if you can't get out to see the birds you have them on your computer. It's screensaver time this post has gone on for a long time now it's time to end it.

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