Friday, July 23, 2010

Tonight I watched about a half hour of the Rachel Maddow show. She had a newspaper writer on her show, Ezra Klein. I hear a bird chirping. Now my mother is watching a news show on TV. Rachel also talked about the Gulf oil spill. The attorney general of Alabama is suing BP for all the damage they have caused my state. Maybe it's a movie they are watching, I don't know. There is going to be a gospel music festival and parade here tomorrow. This isn't going to be a very long post pretty soon it will be screensaver time. There's that bird again!I'm going to start reading a new book tonight called "A Mosque in Munich". I just got it on my Kindle last night. There's that bird again it has a short and sweet song I think it's that field sparrow that practically lives at my feeder. I might try getting some news from CNN's top stories. It's still hot my computer says it's 87 degrees. I'm going to wrap up this post and take my medicine and start reading my new book. There's that bird again! Good night from the blogosphere! There's that bird again! Rachel also talked about George Bush and a guy who worked for him who paid an ungodly sum of money to have his office computer fixed. I'm almost through with my beading on my Pakistani blouse I just threaded my needles for the work tomorrow. I'm going to move my beading thread off of my bed so I can get in it. Good night from the blogosphere, it's time to call it a night so I can start reading my book.

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