Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I'm sitting here reading the New York Times about the visit of the Israeli prime minister to the President that took place yesterday. They talked about the nuclear weapons in Israel. I watched about a half hour of the Rachel Maddow show from Afghanistan. She said she was making an idiot out of herself with a Hungarian gun. We had steak for supper tonight. I just took my medicine and will be going to bed soon. Last night I read the longest newspaper article I've ever read it took me about an hour to read it I didn't finish it until almost two in the morning. I got an obnoxious call from the National Organization for women asking for money. They wanted seventy dollars! I put us on the Do Not Call list but we still get these obnoxious calls. The calls came in like crazy it seemed like the phone rang every five minutes or so it's really annoying when they make those phone calls when you're trying to eat. These obnoxious calls have got to stop I'm going to take my sewing basket off of my bed so I can get in it. I got some new needles today and I just ordered some beads from artbeads now I'm going to bed.

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