Thursday, July 1, 2010

I'm sitting here looking at the beads on my Pakistani blouse. They are so pretty! I hear a bird chirping or maybe it's just the crickets. We are planning a lunch for the Fourth of July and I am reading a magazine from the Teaching Company. It's a medieval history magazine. We are going to have ribs and corn on the cob and potato salad for the Fourth of July. We had pizza for supper and I'm waiting for my dad to come home from the bridge club and bring in the Cokes. Meanwhile I have enough Coke for my medicine tonight. I got an email from my Catholic list that said Obama took money from BP. Now there is a hurricane in Texas. I'll check the tennis news on Yahoo before I go to bed tonight. It's just about time to finish this post and go to bed. I have two bird magazines that I can read tonight one is Audubon magazine and one is Birders World. I also have a whole bunch of bird books that I can read tonight I love to read. It's time to end this post and drink my Coke and go to bed and finish the book about Roger Tory Peterson. Some people want to arrest the governor of Alabama for his casino raids. Tomorrow I'm going to finish beading the flower on my blouse. Meanwhile the funny writer Andy Borowitz suggests plugging the oil leak with BP executives. Now that's funny!There is also a funny article about Rand Paul topping Sarah Palin in a poll among people that describe themselves as morons it's a good leftist newspaper. Good night from the blogosphere!

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