Saturday, June 12, 2010

Tonight we had spaghetti and meat balls. This is going to be a short post tonight because it's a Saturday night and not alot is going on as far as news goes. The World Cup in soccer started tonight, Now everybody's going to bed. I think I will too. The birds all chirped away. I'm going to drink my Coke and go to bed. I have seven Cokes in here, I'm going to wash my room with my new rubbing alcohol and go to bed. I'm finishing up my beading for tonight.Now this blouse is getting somewhere! I'll check the Yahoo news again and see what's going on with the World Cup. Today is also the day that the Queen celebrated her official birthday with the Trooping of the Colour. Good night from the blogosphere1 There was some news about the oil spill in the Gulf I hope they can stop that inferno. BP is a polluting monster!I'm going to order some more beads tonight!

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