Thursday, June 17, 2010

Tonight I watched a little bit of the Rachel Maddow show and a little bit of Countdown. I got some beads today, some Austrian crystal beads. Tonight I'm going to be reading some of my book about Roger Tory Peterson, the birdwatcher from upstate New York. My parents just had an argument about the money we spent for a Father's day book but my father thinks we should just forget the whole thing and keep the book, a cookbook. I paid almost 50 bucks for the book and he found it on his Kindle for only 17.00 bucks. It can be confusing buying books. Rachel had a guy from the Washington Post on he's really smart. I think I'll end this post and drink my Coke and go to bed. Good night from the blogosphere! We had lasagna for supper tonight and I drank two glasses of milk tonight I also drank some tea for lunch. Some birds are chirping away outside but I think they're asleep now and I will be soon as well.

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