Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Today was an art class day. I did some more beading and cleaned up my room. It's still a mess in here. It's less of one now. My parents are watching an opera or maybe it's a movie. I threaded every needle I could find in here. I still have to bead alot more flowers on this blouse, a Pakistani blouse I bought at a local health food store. I'll check the Yahoo news again tonight after I'm through with this post. I'm going to be reading about Roger Tory Peterson when I'm through with this post. I just threaded another needle. Now I have eight needles threaded. There is another one in the blouse. My dad has a doctor's appointment tomorrow at 10 so I can't go tomorrow. I'll check the Yahoo news before I go to bed. I still don't know who won those primaries last night aside from Blanche Lincoln of Arkansas. There had them in twelve states. I'll check the Yahoo news to see who won them and then I'll read some about Peterson, the birdwatcher from upstate New York.

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