Thursday, June 10, 2010

Birds are chirping away as I write this. A plane just went overhead. I cleaned up my room today and it looks good. I was just reading a little of the book about Roger Tory Peterson. I beaded a little bit today. My parents are having the bridge club tonight. Now the birds are asleep and I will be shortly. I'm sitting here with my needles all threaded and there is another one threaded in the blouse. I think the oil spill is all cleaned up but it will be August before we really know what's going on. If it's not birds I don't know what these government and scientific people are saying. Now the birds are chirping away again. I didn't see any birds at my feeder today. I think it's raining outside. The bridge club is going to have iced water, wine, and blackberry cobbler that my father made. Another plane just went overhead. I'm confused about the weather on my computer except when I lok up at my weather channel toolbar. It's nice and clear outside but pretty warm. I hear some sound outside maybe it's a car. I'm going to end this post now and read some Peterson before I drink my Coke and go to bed.

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