Tuesday, June 8, 2010

It's late as heck tonight and we are going to have a recount in the primary election. We are having primaries in twelve states today. None of them are in Alabama so they don't have any bearing on us. I'm going to read some Peterson the birdwatcher tonight when I get through with this post. I put my beading in another container so that it will be easier to avoid tangles. My dad is aleep and I don't know what my mother is doing. There's another oil spill in the Gulf it's small compared to the huge thing that's in the Gulf right now. It's not raining and it's 77 degrees right now. I might try to get some top stories from CNN before I go to bed and read about Roger Tory Peterson, the birdwatcher from upstate New York who wrote the guide to birds. The winners will be in the paper tomorrow. I forget the state but I might check the Yahoo news. The birds are asleep now it's time to end this post and go to bed. Gosh it's tough being a liberal Democrat in this neck of the woods. This is such a red state! We had vichysoisse for supper tonight and I took my vitamin pill tonight. Good night from the blogosphere!

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