Saturday, June 26, 2010

I hear a bird chirping.Now I think it's gone to sleep. It's going to be another short and sweet post. There is a video of the Edge playing Glastonbury with Muse on You Tube. But the last thing I need is a loud video at 9 o'clock at night! Pretty soon I'm going to be reading about Roger Tory Peterson, the birdwatcher. There's that bird again! I thought the birds were all asleep. I just threaded some more needles for beading my aurora borealis beads tomorrow. These needles are really hard to thread! There is some toothpaste on my desk. There is also a nice sewing box with about ten spools of beading thread. I don't have any pictures of my beading to post on my blog some people do post pictures on their craft on their blog but I don't have any. I'm really tired I'm going to end this post now. Tomorrow's a church day and I don't want to stay awake too late.

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