Sunday, June 27, 2010

I'm having trouble with this post tonight. I have knitting guild at church tomorrow at 11 in the morning so this won't be a long post tonight. I'm almost through with this book about Roger Tory Peterson. I downloaded a new screensaver from Audubon magaine tonight and I'll be watching it when I'm through with this post. I just had a sneezing attack when I got back upstairs after eating dinner and had to dry my gown off with a towel. I think my parents are watching a movie. We had fried chicken and cornbread with whipped butter and also cantelope. I drank two glasses of milk. My mother is a CNN addict! She was watching it when I got home from church today. I read the New York Times today about traveling in Turkey. I went to Turkey in 2006 and I'd really like to go back. I had bad luck on a trip to Italy in 1986 when I got sick and spent the whole trip in bed and cleaning up hotel bathrooms. The New York Times also had an article about Assissi in it now I'm going to finish this post and clean up my inbox and maybe try to catch some more news from Yahoo. Good night from the blogosphere! It's screensaver time.

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