Monday, May 10, 2010

We had fish for dinner tonight. I'm really starting to feel isolated in this little house. My sister is going to fix our yard. She was reading a book about flowers at dinner. My brother has a book in here called creating Web pages for dummies but I know how to create Web pages because I can blog! Ir's nice and quiet in this place but I'm so isolated! I have to go to the home page to register my Kindle. It's not registered so I have to go to the home page and register my Kindle what a hassle! I tried registering it on my Kindle but I couldn't enter it on my Kindle so I have to go to the Web site and register the blasted thing it's a hassle but I think I will register it at the web site. I'll try registering my Kindle and going to the web site to register the blasted thing. I have an account but I can't register the blasted thing so I'll have to go to the web site and fix this mess.

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