Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Tonight I saw the new British prime minister on MSNBC. Britain has a new prime minister, David Cameron. Gordon Brown resigned. I got two bird books today from Amazon. I'm reading about thrushes now. I also got a DVD with bird songs on it from the Smithsonian Field Guides to the Birds of North America. The DVD has 587 bird songs on it I couldn't put it on my computer program. When I tried to download the songs it just wiped out my music program! Now the birds are asleep and the sound of crickets is all I hear. The book on birds is written by Ted Floyd the editor of Birding Magazine. Now I've brushed my teeth and I have three weather check buttons on my computer. I don't know where my Site Advisor is I used to have it now I need to download McAfee again. There is some noise outside but it's a plane it will be gone soon it's cold in here. I also got a book by Roger Tory Peterson the birdwatching expert. Now there's some annoying noise outside besides the crickets. It stopped and now all I hear is the crickets. I read the Daily Kos and the Huffington Post on the way to the plant store today. I got home and the bird books were here! There was an article in the Huffington Post about religion and it was pretty negative toward the Catholic Church what with all the sex scandals in the Church it was an interesting article. I'm getting tired now it's time to drink my Coke and take my pills and go to bed I hope I can move out of this little house and back to my room my phone says I missed a call who in the heck is calling this late at night? My sister Laurie is out at dinner maybe it was her. Tomorrow I have an art class to which I might have to take a taxi to. I forgot to read Good Morning Yahoo this morning I'm always forgetting to read it. It's cooling off now I just checked the weather and it's only 79 degrees outside. It's ten o'oclock now I really think I should wrap up this post and call it a night.

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