Thursday, May 13, 2010

I'm sitting here reading the New York Times. There is an article in it about the oil spill in the Gulf and another one about an investigation into big banks on Wall Street. I ordered some beads from that I will be sewing on a blouse. The government is going to make BP pay for the oil spill benefits for the fishermen who were put out of work by the spill. Attorney General Andrew Cuomo of New York is investigating eight banks. There were some killings in China that's a shame since Chinese can only have one child. The killer killed himself after killing the children. The weapons used in the killing are knives, hammers and gasoline because it's really hard to obtain a gun in China. We're not going to be able to get out of Afghanistan when the President wants to. He wants to get out in a year. We're in two wars and the President won the Nobel Peace Prize for 2009. Some people thought that was crazy. We had roast beef, corn, green beans for dinner tonight it was good. I'll have to make fettucine alfredo again soon that's really good I made it for Mother's Day and it was a really big hit! There is also an article in the paper about the Legionaries of Christ in Mexico. The founder of the order, Father Marcial Maciel Degollado built a religious empire. I'm moving out of this little house tomorrow. I'll sort of miss being able to control the climate in here. My mother is always cold and I'm always hot so I like air conditioning. But the stairs will be less hassle and I'll have my clocks and everything in one place and that will be good. I guess I'll take my phone upstairs with me and get alerts and such but I can't figure out the intercom system with these phones I dial it and the phone says we can't complete your call. I'm tired of these late night phone calls it's time to end this post and look at bird books and there is a bug in here I haven't tried to kill the bugs in here but I will. It's time to end this post and drink my Coke and go to bed and sleep ten hours after staying up until midnight at the hospital and not waking up until ten oclock this morning. I went to my therapist today and it was a good session now it's time to stop blogging and stop for tonight.

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