Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Tonight I watched the Ed Show, a little of Hardball and the Rachel Maddow show. They had the big winners of the elections from last night on them and also Dennis Kucinich. I saw Joe Sestak! I gave my parents my birdsong DVD. I think they listened to a little of it before they started their movie, what the movie is I have no idea! I just hear some music. My beads didn't come today so I painted some more paint on the blouse. It's downstairs I'll bring it up here when my beads come. They are Swarovski 4 mm beads. The needles are really hard to thread but I have two needles ready to go when I get the beads. I also read some stuff in the Birmingham News and the New York Times about last nights elections. I already brushed my teeth once, I'll have to brush my teeth again. I borrowed a bead book from the studio and will be getting another one tomorrow. They also had the chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee talking about the race in Pennsylvania. My Senator was on there. I got an annoying email from some health lobbying group it took all day to open the page so I just closed it because it was taking too long to load. There is an article in the New York Times about Turkey and Russia and China. There is also an article in the New York Times about the Tea Party movement I'm not a big fan of the Tea Party movement, Arlen Specter lost in Pennsylvania last night to Joe Sestak. The paper was full of interesting articles today and now it's time to stop posting and go to bed and drink my Coke. After I brush my teeth and get some more news from Yahoo I'm going to go to bed and put my Kindle on my bed to recharge tomorrow. Arlen Specter conceded defeat in Philadelphia. I hear a plane flying overhead now it's all quiet in here I think everyone has settled down and is getting ready to call it a night. I just heard my father go in his room he'll probably read a little bit and then call it a night. Me too! Good night from the blogosphere!

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