Saturday, May 1, 2010

I watched the White House Correspondent's Dinner on MSNBC tonight. Jay Leno was doing the hosting and the panel thought the president was funnier. That's such a shame about the oil coast spill off the coast of Louisiana. It could hit the southern part of Alabama by tomorrow or the next day. I'm really tired tonight, I was up until five this morning downloading updates to my Bluetooth programs. So it's not going to be a big post tonight. I'm sitting here listening to the crickets outside. The birds are all asleep! I have the air conditioning on in here and tomorrow I'm going to church and an art show. I hope I don't get any late night phone calls I can do without them. I got an email from the Democratic Party today asking me to sign a petition and asking for money. That's so annoying. At the White House Correspont's Dinner they showed Hillary Clinton and joked that she is planning another run at the presidency in 2012. It sounds like rain again I really hope we're out of the rainy weather cycle here in Birmingham. My parents went to the opera today and now they're watching a movie. I hear a car outside it sounds like thy're having a car chase and now they're gone. That oil spill off the coast of Louisiana is really bad and there are tornadoes in Tennessee. It rained here in Birmingham today and the clouds were out it wasn't a pretty day for going out and birdwatching, something I really like to do. Tomorrow I'm going to put some more bird seeds out to watch birds with. Birds are my favorite animals. There's not much news to report it's never much news on a Saturday except for the news from Louisiana in Venice a town on the coast. It will take twenty years for the shrimp to come back from the oil spill. Someone said it's the worst oil disaster since the Exxon Valdez disaster. It's time to wrap up this post now, so good night from the blogosphere!

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