Friday, May 21, 2010

I watched about ten minutes of news today. Chris from the Nation magazine filled in for Rachel tonight. I finished my beading for tonight, it's getting too dark to thread the needle. Gosh, those needles are hard to thread and my pincushion is still wet. It got wet in the rain this morning. My parents are at the opera at a place on the outskirts of Birmingham. I'm sitting here reading the New York Times. Senator Dodd wants to create a Bureau of Consumer Protection. Rand Paul is criticizing the Civil Rights bill of 1964. This guy wants to take us back to the Dark Ages! He also challenged the legality of the Americans with Disabilities Act. He was on the Rachel Maddow show and was also on National Public Radio. I found a pill cutter in here that I will be using tomorrow to do my pills. I ran into trouble at the bank today but my dad screwed up and paid the power bill using my checkbook! My birdbook is downstairs we are listening to birdsongs on my dad's DVD player to get to know the birdsongs. It has the birds of North America on it but I have another bird book in my room it's the Audubon Eastern North American book of birds. I think I'll lie down and do some more reading while I'm waiting for the medicine to kick in. Good night from the blogosphere!

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