Saturday, May 22, 2010

I'm sitting here reading the New York Times. There is a story in the paper about Afghanistan. It's about some detainees who say they're not terrorists. Tomorrow we are going to try to go to the Southern Danceworks show. The detainees are two Yemenis and a Tunisian. I tried to get in at the bank today but something was wrong with the site so I tried to download Quicken but I kept getting unlock and password and ID stuff so I didn't download it. I already have sequin trim on the blouse I'm beading. It's a pretty blouse with birds and paint and sequin appliques on it. The sequin trim is gold and white and the paint is blue and black. There is news on the Yahoo web site, mostly from the Associated Press. There is also an article about a judge who threw out a case against a child pornographer. Someone stuck a news article about the Pope on my Catholic email list. Since tomorrow is a church day and a day to go to the dance show this post isn't going to be long tonight there's not much news to report there never is on the weekend when the only thing on MSNBC is Lockup! I finished with the beads today. My parents are watching a lecture or maybe a movie they hated Jesus Christ Superstar. I saw my mother looking at a Netflix package at supper tonight. I think that's the movie they're watching. Good night from the blogosphere! I put my beading away I took all the beads out of one of my old costumes. The beads are glistening in the light in here it's going to be a pretty blouse when I get through with it. This place is a mess with all of these costumes but I'll find a place to put them on. I found coathangers on the bed and hung them in my closet. Good night from the blogosphere!

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