Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I just started to read a book about Roger Tory Peterson, the guy who wrote a wonderful book about birds in 1934. I used to have it but now all Amazon.com has is it's biography of Peterson. I watched a little of the Rachel Maddow show and saw the President on Countdown. Earlier it was noisy around here with that basketball but now it's all quiet, the crickets are making a sound but now they're alot more quiet since I put my earplugs in, I might turn on my fan to make the noise of the crickets go away. It's May 4 today, Tuesday. Rachel broadcast her show from New Orleans near where that BP rig disaster took place. It's an environmental disaster and the problem in Tennessee is bad too with the Grand Old Opry all screwed up because of the rain. I have some opera glasses in here now for bird watching, Now the birds are all asleep and my parents are watching some movie about World War 2. I was just looking for my music CD's but I found them so now I can listen to some music on my computer if I want to. The book about Peterson is really good it's about his life taking pictures of birds. Birds are my favorite animals they're the only ones I really like dogs just make a mess and I don't think they're that pretty. My sister lost her cat a few months ago and she was really sad. We had Brunswick Stew for supper tonight and I had to really struggle to get that pork out of the teeth but I brushed with water and I'll be brushing tonight when I take that night pill and call it a night and read some stuff about Peterson while I wait for the pill to start working. I take Zyprexa at night also Lexapro and Simvastatin I'm really looking forward to the finish of my parent's bathroom done so I can move back upstairs and watch birds from my own room. Now the birds are all asleep and I will be soon. I bought four books about birds today now it's time to read about them and the man who loved them so much, Roger Tory Peterson. Maybe the sound is the air conditioning in this house but I'm not going to turn it off tonight it's still all hot and humid tonight I just checked the Google toolbar and I can add some if I want to I'm not sure I have Google maps installed on my computer I had to take some programs off of my computer now I think I'll stop blogging it's getting really late.

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