Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I didn't get to watch birds today because I was working on a Microsoft word processing program. Something is wrong with the disk. It's corrupt. I just cleaned it and now it looks better I'll try the installation later. I really hate spending all night typing word processing programs, all 153 pages of my book! Today is Cinquo de Mayo and also the day that my great-grandmother was born in 1876. I subscribed to another bird magazine today I forget the name of it but I'll remember when I get it in the mail. I'm sure it will have great pictures in it that's what I want in a bird magazine, pictures.I have my bird books ready to read after I finish this post I'll read another chapter in the book about Roger Tory Peterson.It'scalled "Birdwatcher".I cleaned the disk again and now it's clean and ready to go! I just tried to clean up this post a little bit sorry it's sort of dirty tonight but my backspace key isn't working. I could always try importing the program into my notepad maybe that's the way to go. It's 77 degrees here in Birmingham down from the ninety it was today I read on Yahoo news that a Picasso painting was sold for over $100 million dollars I really wish I had that kind of money to spend on paintings! I think my parents are watching TV I'm going to read a little of Blumenthal on Peterson and go to bed and take my pills and drink my bedtime Coke. I might try add things in my Yahoo toolbar now it's time to clean up my inbox and go to bed.

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