Sunday, April 11, 2010

Tonight there's not much news. I was just reading in the New York Times about the plane crash that killed the President of Poland. There was an article about it in the Birmingham news as well. My computer says it's 77 degrees outside but I have the air conditioning on. I just heard a motorcycle go by on the street I live on. Today I threw away some mail asking me for money. Some conservation group in Alabama wanted me to join. 88 passengers were on the flight that killed the President. Tonight we had tortillas and I didn't eat my usual salad. There is also an article in the New York Times about the mine disaster in West Virginia. Tomorrow I have knitting guild at my church and my mother's listening to music on NPR. It was some really wierd, foreign-sounding music. That was terrible about the mining disaster in West Virginia. There was some methane gas that caused the problem. Maybe the BBC's front page will have some news maybe I can check it out. It was an explosion that caused the problems in West Virginia. Tiger Woods didn't win the Masters. There is also some news about Justice Stevens's retirement. There is something about the Democrats and health care and the mandates to buy insurance. The Republicans are saying that they can vote no on any bill they want to vote for. I got a letter printed in the Birmingham News urging that they confirm Sonia Sotomayer. I have to go to knitting guild in the morning so I think I'll just read a little bit and then go to bed. I'm tired and some workers are going to be making a terrible amount of noise tomorrow when they start taking out the bathroom in my parents house. I forget the name of the guy who won the Masters. I really don't know my golfers. I know skaters but not golfers. I think it's time to clean up my computer and go to bed.

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