Monday, April 12, 2010

I'm reading an article in the New York Times about the nuclear threat. The President met with the President of India on Sunday. Pakistan is struggling to make sure its nuclear arsenal is not vulnerable to attack by terrorists. The summit meeting today was the biggest gathering by world leaders it included leaders from 47 countries. President Obama met with leaders from India and Pakistan on Sunday. The summit meeting is going to last for two days. The President signed a historic agreement on arms reduction on April 8. But this is the biggest meeting of world leaders since President Roosevelt organized the 1945 Meeting that led to the founding of the United Nations. The President thinks that Pakistan has the nuclear weapons. He said he expects some very specific commitments from

I'm reading an article in the New York Times about the nuclear threat. The nuclear threat is real and a current danger to our security. I didn't get to watch the news tonight but I listened to a little bit of BBC news on NPR on the way home from the drugstore. It was about the nuclear stockpile in Pakistan. The President met with the leader of India on Sunday to talk about the threat of nuclear weapons. There is a new movie out with Ben Stiller, my favorite actor. It's called Greenberg. The President's plan will last for four years and aims to end all nuclear weapons theats. The President says he expects some very specific commitments from world leaders.My computer says it is 77 degrees outside but I have on the air conditioning and everything is OK here as far as the temperature is concerned. I went to knitting guild today and also went to the doctor, my psychiatrist. It's time to end this post for tonight and go to bed, I'm really tired and sick and need to get some rest tonight before I go to check out the local chess clubs in town my father said he'd teach me to play and I'm going to look for some free games on the Internet soon.


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