Saturday, April 10, 2010

Tonight I went to the local Lebanese food festival at St. Elias Church. St. Elias is celebrating 100 years as a church in Birmingham and I had baked kibbee, rice, green beans, spinach pie and brought home some Lebanese cookies for my parents and me too. I'll eat some tomorrow for lunch or dinner. I love Lebanese food! I spent all afternoon downloading software because I had to reinstall Windows Vista and it wiped out all of my programs. Now I don't need any programs. There's not much news tonight because there's never any news on the weekend. Tomorrow I'll be going to mass at St. Francis Xaviwe pariah and I'm goimg to do some reading on my Kindle. I don't remember what I read in the paper today but I might look at some news web sites before I go to bed now I have three search engines on my computer, bing, Yahoo and Google. I have to clean up my computer and get rid of all my hundreds of emails and then I'll go to bed. Good night from the blogoshphere! I probably have some political emails I'll have to check and see if they're there.

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