Thursday, April 8, 2010

Tonight I watched all of the Rachel Maddow show. The BBC was really late in sending me my daily email so I probably won't read it. Someone posted a note on my U2 list about the perfect teahouse. Rachel talked about the secretive group called the Family, the fundamentalist group in Washington that alot of politicians there live in. My parents are having their bridge club tonight and they are probably eating their cream puff desserts about right now. We had pizza for dinner tonight. I have my Kindle open to PC magazine and I'm going to read some before I go to bed tonight. Rachel also talked about the periodic table on her Moment of Geek, she's always got some sort of intellectual thing on her show. There is also some news in the newspapers about Kyrgyzstan and the protests that have been taking place there. The president was forced to flee the country after the opposition took over. I'm glad I don't live there. It was cold and rainy today in Birmingham, it was raining when I got up and ate breakfast and I ate Cheerios and drank three cups of coffee. I'm a coffee addict, I love it you might have to pull the cup out of my hand. Another vice is Coke. I take my medicine with Coke, now I'm going to relax with PC magazine, maybe they can stop me from having to call Dell and Microsoft and those people who try to sell me something every time I call them. Today President Obama made his speech in Prague, now it's time to clean up my computer and call it a night.

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