Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Tonight I watched a little Hardball and most of Countdown. They had a bunch of political analysists on the show. I'm going to read some of the book I'm reading as soon as I get through typing this blog post. We were eating through most of Rachel's show tonight so I didn't get to watch it. I set up some music on my computer today some Coldplay and some U2. It's nice and quiet now but I never know when that kid is going to start playing basketball down on the next street. My telephone is lighting up I hope it's not a late night phone call I really hate those. I'm burning incense from Big Lots tonight I had to spray the room with bug spray when I got in from eating but it smells OK in here now. I'm really tired now I'm going to stop this post now and drink my Coke and go to bed.

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