Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Tonight I watched all of "Hardball" with Chris Matthews and a little of "Countdown". There is an article in the New York Times about Powerpoint. There is an article about the Princesses of Sweden and Britain on Yahoo news. I just sewed a button on my blouse and dried my gown. It was noisy in here earlier but now it's nice and quiet just the sound of crickets. It's been a long day for me I got up at seven so I wouldn't miss my art class this morning. There is also an article in the New York Times about the bill the Senate voted on, the one that is the legislation to tighten regulation of the country's financial system. There was some news on NPR about Goldman Sachs and also some other stuff, I forget what it was. The vote on the financial bill was 57 to 41 so that's not enough to cut off a filibuster in the Senate. My Senator voted against the bill. He's a Republican so I'm not surprised. I saw the President in Iowa on Hardball he's such a good speechmaker I could listen to his speeches all night but that's enough posting for now I'm really tired and it's time to drink my Coke and take my pills and go to bed.

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